Wayne Yap

Co-Founder & CEO

Wayne’s natural ability to understand numbers and arithmetic made this National University of Singapore Statistics graduate one of the top poker players in Singapore. Wayne specialised in high stakes poker cash games and is ranked number one in Singapore for “most money won in poker tournaments”. Personal growth is paramount to Wayne; he spends most of his free time trying to improve different areas of his life and learning new skills. He is personally interested in testing if 20 hours is enough to transition from beginner’s level to intermediate’s in various skills such as language acquisition and gymnastics. He is currently on a break from playing poker and the 20-hour project to focus full time on the crypto space.



Ryan Yum

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Starting nearly a decade ago, Ryan has moved quickly through ranks in online poker and is established as one of the top no-limit hold em cash game regulars in the game. He specialized in qualitative data analysis of his opponents and using that information to exploit leaks in their games. He has since moved on to other ventures in the blockchain space.

biondi Tan

Research Director

Graduating with a degree in Physics from Nanyang Technological University, Biondi’s interest in cryptocurrencies started early 2017 when Ethereum was making its bull run. Noticing the potential of the cryptocurrency space as well as the excitement of working with cutting edge technology, Biondi started investing his time into the crypto world, reading whitepapers and automating tasks like creating a news bot along the way. Biondi finally decided to leave his job at Accenture to fully invest his time in the crypto.




Management Trainee

After graduating with an Economics Degree from National University of Singapore, Marcus was actively involved in the operations planning and development of Changi Airport’s newest Terminal 4 - home to automation and advanced technologies. Marcus was exposed to the blockchain space in mid 2018. Recognising the unprecedented opportunities it could generate to create and trade value, he has since transitioned full time into it.



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